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Rory Campbell



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I founded New Vantage Coaching to work with clients who seek to grow, lead and inspire with purpose.

Trained by the world-class coaching institution Meyler Campbell, I have over 20 years of experience in senior leadership and board positions in Financial Services, Retail and Professional Services.

I work with senior leaders, from Chairs to CEOs, Boards and ExCos, to those readying for their next stage of career progression.

Driven by a belief in making a difference, my coaching is based on purposeful discovery. I'm delighted to work with leaders on their thorniest professional challenges, and their most inspiring personal opportunities.

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Using a combination of coaching skills and business experience, I support senior leaders to explore and unlock their professional potential in service of an endeavour for business, or society. 


Our objective - to help you achieve peak performance in the context of your current and upcoming opportunities.


Along the way and where of interest, we'll explore and discuss fundamental aspects that are often not afforded the space or time in our busy lives.


I'll help you define your goals, providing challenge to ensure you are stretching your ambition. I will advocate for you, and be honest with you.



Executive Coaching Programmes

Whilst there is no limit and always adaptation to suit you, a typical coaching package consists of 10 hours over a 6 month period.

This allows for a committed focus and momentum to build, galvanising your growth.

Whilst based in the South East, I work from locations which suit my clients and am also well versed in coaching virtually.


Inspire Through Purpose

This programme is for leaders and organisations seeking to deepen and enhance a connection to purpose, through practical application in the context of strategic priorities.

Together we explore how purpose relates to your present and future organisation and how you can develop and harness your potential in service of purpose. 

Chief Financial Officer, Retail

“Often held as a role model for welcoming and promoting inclusivity of thought amongst the leadership, Rory is approachable, trustworthy and an excellent communicator. He acted as counsel to Board members and to me personally, providing coaching support to explore sensitive topics confidentially and bringing an external perspective from his extensive career."


+44 7970 486 770



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